My story begins way back in 2012 and after 38 years of working tirelessly as a crop manager for a corn farm in a town in North Dakota. I was diagnosed with chronic back pains which I was enduring unknowingly for some time. I had no idea at all how bad it was until I decided to have it checked and actually hearing it from my doctor.

At that point, I began my life’s battle to be pain-free, or so I thought I was. This actually went great in the beginning, but after several months, of having weekly therapy sessions and series of prescription painkillers, was when it did actually begin for me. And so the struggle continues.

The adverse reactions or side effects of these strong pills was a truly scary experience for me. For real! The truth is, the back pain that was bothering me did go away. But, this skull-cracking migraine started coming and seems to be happening more and more frequently. After this, more episodes of sleepless nights and restlessness joined in and it started creeping on me and freaked me out due to fatigue and lack of sleep. Finally, as I monitor my blood results during my monthly visits to the doctor. It was showing signs that my kidney was also getting a hit on all these crap that I’m taking in.

Consequently, I ended up getting more additional prescriptions for antidepressants just to keep me rested and some kidney support pills allowing me to settle in with the painkillers, which if I did stop taking, will eventually cause my chronic back pains to return, sucks ain’t it? Basically, I was caught in a vicious cycle and as to how it looked to me back then, I was imprisoned until I was dead. Unhappy and very low-quality is how I can best describe that life that I had.

A day came when I got blessed and stumbled across a good old friend who tells me stories about a plant that did amazing miracles for someone he knows who was suffering the same fate that I was. And from then, if not for this special, natural, super effective and safe to use plant called Cannabis or Marijuana, I will still be where I started.

Truth is, it was not love at first sight for me, as when I heard him say the name Marijuana, I went berserk for a minute and I thought I was losing my mind. All my life I have been conditioned to think that marijuana is an illegal drug and drugs are something not to be messed with. But, having no choice back then was actually the best for me, and I thank God every day for it!

Medical marijuana saved me from giving up and living what is left of my hay days in misery and anguish. It gave me a new lease in life, where now I can eat well, sleep excellently, laugh like a kid and even cry better, if there’s such a thing. The improvement it brought to my life made me crave for more information about cannabis. I could not stop browsing on the internet in search of new ideas and better ways to use it and maximize its value.

Today, I am an advocate and a true believer. A passionate patient with firsthand experience who proudly speaks about it. An avid reader and researcher of new ideas to learn more. Not but not the least, I am a cannabis grower now and a marijuana user both medically and recreationally. I live marijuana. I am a living proof who is trying to show the world that a single plant can change a person’s life and push you in a different trajectory of nothing but happiness and love, peace and beauty and most of all pain-free.

My website – – is my way of paying it forward. In hopes that, no one with the same conditions that I had, has to suffer and worry about what they do not know. No need for drama, All we need is weed, and we’ll all be alright!

Among these pages you will see all the studies and research I have done and I am still doing, all the step by step guides that I have tried and those I am still trying. Most of all, the articles that represent the knowledge and information that I used which really helped me go through this life which I totally know nothing about when I started. Peace and love to all and have a blessed day!