Advantages and Disadvantages of Ruderalis Marijuana


The plant originated thousands of years ago from central Asia and was first classified in 1924 by the famous Russian Botanist Dr. D.E. Janischevsky. The name ‘ruderalis’ is taken from the word ‘ruderal’ which botanists often used to describe a non-allowable domestic plant or in other words it is called a weed. The characteristics found on it lies somewhat in between the genetic pools of Indica and Sativa plant species. So here some of its advantages and disadvantages are listed below:


1. Scope for multi harvesting in a single year

As these types of plants provide Auto-flowering, so if you begin to cultivate them in the early period of a year you are able to harvest the plants in the mid-summer of the year which enables you to start a new cycle within a short period. In case of getting favorable spring and summer in a year you can easily harvest Ruderalis thrice in a year.

2. The short height and Autoflowering ability

These Plants are very short in height and grow not more than two feet. The leaves are very small in size and also contain very few leaves when compared to the other species of cannabis and hence making it a special type. Though having a very short plant age and a less photoperiod they begin to mature leaves pair and start beginning flowers after achieving a certain level of maturity within five to seven weeks. Once the Ruderalis strain began flowering, It continued until extreme weather conditions compelled it to death.

3. Ease of cultivation

As the plant is very short in height and has a fewer number of leaves It is very easy to cultivate them on balconies and indoor gardens. As the Ruderalis consist of a very short and extremely fast auto-flowering period, one can easily harvest them within 60-70 days from germination to harvesting.

4. Resistance capacity

The Ruderalis plants are well resistant to many diseases and molds generally occurred in a plant and are also resistant to the cold to an extent.


1. Provides smaller harvest

As the Ruderalis plants will grow very less as compared to the Indica and Sativa plants, it causes the yield to grow percentage per plant to be lower than them.

2. Containing lower THC percentage

As the leaves are fewer in number and the plant size is short. The Ruderalis plant produces a very small amount of THC which lowers its scope for use with medical purposes.

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