All you need to Know about Growing Cannabis Ruderalis

Autoflowering-Seeds-1024x723Ruderalis cannabis cultivation is most profitable one in present days as demand of the medicinal plant have been increasing worldwide. But at the same time, it is to be mentioned here that for the cultivation of ruderalis cannabis, the growers should have adequate knowledge regarding entire system of production. The system of producing ruderalis cannabis differs from any other crop to some extent. It also needs sufficient education about the methods of cultivation, good understanding, timing and proper effort. If a grower maintains all the procedures properly then only it will become successful and profitable as well. To achieve overall success, some points to be note as follows:

  1. Grower should be conscious on the harvesting time of plant, not to be done too early or too late.
  2. At present many variety of seeds of ruderalis are available in market. So it is another important matter to choose the seeds properly. In between super-autos and regular-autos, the grower needs to choose which one he likes or needs to cultivate.
  3. Though, ruderalis cannabis have a high resistance capacity against insects and diseases even then proper care in this matter is needed.
  4. Those growers are planning to grow the plants in freezing condition in short time, proper planning is obviously needed so that they can harvest 4/5 times yearly which will be much profitable.
  5. If a grower once to produce the plant in a large scale then he can choose outdoor farming of the plant in a place mild to warm outdoor environment.
  6. Generally, growth of the plants remains around 50/55 cm, matures fast and timely flowering can be achieved if necessary care is done.

Some tips:

Grower of cannabis ruderalis should ensure some necessary arrangement such as light, planned food, air circulation and timely care. For achieving better yield following aspects to be kept in mind as mentioned below:

Selection of growing season: Considering the light cycle of plant spring and starting of summer is the appropriate time for firming.

Proper spot selection: Choosing of proper spotfor cultivation of the plant is very important considering the availability of light, water, air and other materials as and when required.

Germination of seeds:After starting of germination of the plant proper care to be given so that snails and other insects would not attack them especially during the first one month. Grower should try to germinate the seeds twice for replacing the male plants grown in first attempt.

Proper care is inevitable: Arrangement for adequate water, food and fertilizer for the plants to be maintained. Expose the plants in sunlight as and when required.


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