Are Cannabis Ruderalis Good for Smoking

s p l i f f # s i x t y t h r e eCannabis ruderalis are ever neglected, underrated and unnoticed species of cannabis and it is least known among the smokers. Till date there is not much use of cannabis ruderalis for smoking in its pure form. Although few have tried this to use it for smoke but most of them according to most of the users, cannabis ruderalis is not a game in smoking business. So, you must be thinking then what the use of this plant is if you can’t even use it for smoking. Well, there are some solutions and after years of research and expertise, the growers have found a lot of hybrids of cannabis ruderalis which are very good for smoking.

The question is why this plant is not good for smoking in its pure form like its sister cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. And the reason behind this is the chemical compound of this plant. The plants which are great for smoking are high in THC but in case of cannabis ruderalis, the amount of THC is very less which makes this plant less interested to the smokers. The effect of smoke from this plant is negligible. But as mentioned earlier, because of the hard effort of the growers around the world it has been possible to create some extremely effective hybrids which gives great effect and high feelings like Sativa and Indica and in addition it gives the advantages of autoflowering of the ruderalis. So, in result it becomes useful for the smokers and very useful and cost effective for the growers. Even the breeders have worked that hard that it is possible to get THC and CBD both in high quantity in these hybrid cannabis ruderalis plants.

Some very common hybrids of ruderalis:

White express, Speed ryder, Low ryder, Fast Haze, Quick fruit, Easy ryder are some of very famous ruderalis hybrid plats which are a great invention for the smoking community. Because of the autoflowering capability of these hybrid plants due to the ruderalis characteristic, these hybrids are gaining popularity rapidly among the growers. Once the growers start adopting more and more of these hybrids, it can be believe that the days are not far away when more and more smokers will be able to smoke these ruderalis hybrid plants. So it can be said that pure form of cannabis ruderalis are not good for smoke but the hybrids are great for smoke for sure.



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