Are Ruderalis Growing Worth your Time and Effort?


Ruderalis is undoubtedly one of the most understated and underused species of cannabis.  Initially, to date many of its positive uses have been ignored. This less popular cousin of Indica and Sativa does have many positive aspects to it and even has some added advantages. Resulting to, recent researches and findings showing proof that it is worth cultivating and growing and with proper maintenance it can also be very beneficial.


Here are some key points showing why growing Ruderalis is worth your time and effort:

  • This species of cannabis is also capable of interbreeding freely and it is possible to produce awesome strains with and is very useful in the creation of hybrid cannabis.
  • Ruderalis is high in cannabidiol and this is why this species of cannabis has many positive aspects for medical uses and plus shorter growing periods the cultivation of Ruderalis cannabis will reach greater heights and its growers will reap a lot of benefits out of it.
  • In the case of cultivation this species has the upper hand in terms of its “Autoflowering” characteristic. It’s a feature it possesses to which it is able to transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage automatically. It does not require any photoperiod schedule to reach the flowering stage. Furthermore, most of the Autoflowering Ruderalis cannabis is ready for harvesting within 10 weeks from germination. Which is an incredibly short time and is very beneficial for its the grower who wants more production per season.
  • These species have excellent resistance to diseases and insects which makes them cost-effective and highly preferred by many professional growers.
  • These plants can cope in any weather conditions and can be cultivated during the cold season as well.
  • These plants are very short in stature reasons why they are excellent for stealth growing.

From these key points you can see that the cultivation of this plant is relatively easy and growers can get multiple harvests in a year. Consequently, it can provide them with great yields. It is very beneficial in terms of the frequency and volume of production it brings. Although, the use of this plant is still very limited as this is still less popular among Cannabis species. But, due to its multiple potential medical uses and plus the growing interest in Ruderalis cannabis among many groups. As a result, we can say that Ruderalis cannabis growing is worth your time and effort.

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