Are Ruderalis Growing Worth your Time and Effort?

IMG_11095Ruderalis is undoubtedly one of the most understated and underused species of cannabis and till date many of its positive uses has been ignored. This less known sister of indica and sativa has many positive sides and even have some added advantages. Recent researches and findings has proved that it is worth cultivating and growing and if properly maintained it can be very beneficial as well.

Here are some key points to show why growing ruderalis is worth your time and effort:

  • This species of cannabis is also capable of interbreed freely and it is possible to produce an awesome and very useful hybrid cannabis.
  • Ruderalis are high in canabidiol and this is why this species of cannabis has many positive sides in medical purpose and thus in near future the growing and cultivation of ruderalis cannabis is going to see a different height and all the growers will find a lot of benefits out of it.
  • In case of cultivation this species has an upper hand and this is in term of “autoflowering” characteristics. It helps to switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage automatically and this way it makes the whole process faster. It does not required any separate photoperiod or short day strain to reach to flowering stage. Most of the autoflowering ruderalis cannabis are ready for harvesting within 10 weeks of seeding. Which is incredibly a short time and really helpful for the grower who wants more production in a calendar year.
  • These species has excellent resistance to diseases and insects which makes them really cost effective and attractive to many professional growers.
  • These plants are able to cope in any weather condition and can be cultivated during cold season as well.
  • These are very short in stature and this is why these are very good for stealth growing for growers.

From those key points it can be seen that cultivation of this plant is relatively easy and growers are able to get multiple harvesting in a year which gives them great yield. It is very beneficial because of the amount of production or the possible quantity.Although, the use of this plant is still very limited and it is less popular cannabis,but because of its many potential medical uses and growing interest about ruderalis cannabis among many organizations, ruderalis cannabis growing is worth your time and effort.

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