Are Ruderalis Strains the Easiest and Fastest to Grow?

Outdoor_pots1It is very important for any breeder or grower related to any sort of plantations to get the basics right otherwise they might face a lot of problems as the growing phase of the plants proceed further on. Improper understanding related to the growth of any form of the plant leads to hazardous mistakes thereby resulting in irregular and lesser yields from them. Breeders and growers need to understand the concept of growth for a particular type of plant or crop before actually starting to grow them.

Whether the growth of Cannabis Ruderalis is tough or not could be clarified as follows 

For outdoor growth, preventive measures have to be made so that the plants are not attacked by pests or insects especially in the first 4 – 5 weeks. It is always advisable for the breeders to grow Cannabis outdoors to do not decrease the duration of the vegetative phase of the plants. Protection from molds is also necessary. Be careful to separate the male plants from females thereby avoiding pollination. Water should be supplied to the plants at regular intervals. However, one has to be careful from overwatering them as it might damage the plants. There are certain requirements for the growth of marijuana outdoors. First of all, the plant grows better outdoors exposed to sunlight for at least 4 – 6 hrs a day.

For indoor growth, the supply of air could be in the form of a breeze provided by a fan. Please make sure that you supply adequate water to the plants but do not overwater them. People who are interested to grow marijuana indoors should ensure that the plants have sufficient supply of light. It is advisable to have a supply of light belonging especially to the red and blue spectrum. It is better to place the lights 40 – 60 cms away from the plant. It is also advisable to maintain a temperature of 20 – 25 degrees C for the ideal growth of marijuana. The power of the lights might vary from 250 – 280 watts.

People are also concerned about the overall carcinogenicity of the plants. People are also concerned about buying the genetics of the autoflowering strains as the wrong choice may end up with having plants which flower according to photoperiod. Therefore, it could be said that the growth of Cannabis Ruderalis is easy if not the easiest but fastest for sure.

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