Are there Medical Benefits of Ruderalis Marijuana?

close up of Doctors hands holding medical marijuana

Cannabis ruderalis is a wonderful plant consisting of valuable herbal contents in it and now the plant is using to invent different type of life saving medicines worldwide. As because of easy availability of cannabis ruderalis, advantage of its easy growth and autoflowering through modern technique, the breeders are giving more emphasis to these plants around the world.

Previous history of cannabis ruderalis revealed that the plants were in use from many decades ago as traditional folk medicine in some part of Russia and Mongolia for treating depression and anxiety considering as recreation drug. Of course, thereafter gradually many survey and research programs have been taken up on the plants to identify its potentiality to be used as medicines and how the herbal ingredients of the plants will be extracted for the wellbeing of people.

At present cannabis ruderalis is being recommended for treatment of certain rear diseases like

  1. Cancer treatment causing nausea.
  2. Loss of appetite from illness such as HIV.
  3. Sclerosis in multiple forms.
  4. Disorder relating seizure
  5. Crohn’s diseases etc.

Cannabis ruderalis are also being used for neuropathic pain related with nerves. Medical cannabis ruderalis is also effective for treatment of epilepsy which supposed to be taken in the form of oil especially for children. Medical cannabis is also being used for Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injuries, memory problem, bipolar disorders etc. diseases.

After years of scientific research and survey tremendous medical importance of cannabis ruderalis is invented and still many more research programs are going on all over the world with the plant for creating more effective use of ingredients of this species for safe treatment.

It is to be noted here that people’s awareness also necessary regarding use of medical marijuana or cannabis ruderalis before going for its application. Medicines from this species are mainly manufactured for medical use only and not being manufactured for recreational purpose as it is carrying very low percentage of primary psycho active compound THC. But its high Cannabidiol content CBD is mainly used for medical purpose. On the other hand it may also be implied upon the manufacturer of marijuana products and seller as well to boost up awareness campaign publicly so that people’s awareness will gear up.

So, it can be believed that there are medical benefits of Ruderalis marijuana and this is going to boost up in near future.

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