Best Light for Cultivating Cannabis Ruderalis

heavy-auto-buds-leaning-overCannabis Ruderalis is one of the principal and most sought after variant of the Cannabis Family. The Ruderalis was first identified in Russia by a Russian botanist. The term Ruderalis was coined because the strains of these variants did not resemble the other two variants by any means. These plants were shorter than the other variants with some form tiny branching and associated stems. The foliage of the plants was considered to be open to the leaves. The overall content of the main psychoactive compound THC was much lower than the other variants. However, Ruderalis has higher percentage of CBD which make them ideal for use for medical purposes together with its associated therapeutic benefits.

However, the growth of Cannabis Ruderalis does require the supply of certain parameters. One of those parameters is considered to be the supply of light. The supply of light is mandatory and a very critical parameter that ensures the proper growth and germination of Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Ruderalis does not grow well without adequate supply of light. In fact, Ruderalis has a very delicate vegetative phase. The supply of light is even more necessary for a proper vegetative phase of the Ruderalis variants. The vegetative phase is considered to be important because any mistakes done at this stage become difficult to be rectified as the plants do not allow so much recovery time once they enter the flowering phase.

For outdoor growth of Cannabis Ruderalis, it is extremely important to expose the plants in direct sunlight at least for 4 – 6 hours per day. The plants are planted in pots which gives them mobility to go from one place to another according to the variations of sunlight. The supply of sunlight is also important for flowering phase of the plants as proper supply of light ensures properly matured buds being formed. Sometimes inadequate supply of light might weaken overall health of the plant.

For indoor growth light is even more an essential factor. Light could be supplied in form of lights belonging to the blue or the red spectrum. The overall power of the lights may vary from 250 – 280 watts. However, it is ideal to place the light some 40 – 60 cms away from the plant. However, light can also be supplied in form of sunlight while growing Cannabis Ruderalis if plants are placed in sun lit area.

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