Can you Smoke Ruderalis Strains

007-jointCannabis Ruderalis in pure form is less effective and less popular among smokers. For many years people have ignored ruderalis weed plant for its less effectiveness as a smoke. A chemical compound of this plant makes it less attracted to the smokers and thus growers have come up with many hybrids or Ruderalis strains for better growing and smoking experience. After many years of research and expertise few excellent strains were invented and people have started smoking ruderalis and liking these products.

Not in Its Pure Form

Less amount of THC in Cannabis Ruderalis is the main reason behind less effectiveness as a recreational product. However its sister cannabis like Sativa and Indica are renowned for their effectiveness among smokers. So a crossbreed among these plants and Ruderalis gave us a much better product as the hybrids get both characteristics of high THC compound and Autoflowering feature. So it becomes effective for smokers as well as to growers.


Few very effective Ruderalis strains are Low Ryder, High Ryder, first haze, quick fruit etc. These are very useful for the growers as well because of the Autoflowering characteristic due to Ruderalis. They are very easy to cultivate and they have shorter life periods and grow quicker than pure Sativa and Indica. Because of the high THC presence these can give a high effect. Lowryder Ruderalis strains are popular for their capability of giving a high buzz. Noticeable effects of these strains are Euphoric, Relaxation, Creative, Cottonmouth and Dry eyes. Euphoric is the most effective attribute of low Ryder strains.

High ryders are very powerful and give a strong buzz. It is one of the most famous Ruderalis strains among smokers. All of these strains have different attributes and they are popular for their specific characteristics.

SmokersĀ  preference

What do smokers love about their pot? They love the attributes they get and it gets better when they have to spend less money on that. Most of the strains are cheaper than other pure cannabis and thus it gained immense popularity. Smokers find it effective and they pay less for this. Growers find them attractive as they get a good yield and profit out of it.

So, the conclusion is you can smoke Ruderalis strains, you may even find it more effective and powerful. In recent times the growth of these strains has increased and you will be able to get this smoke more often and easily.

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