Can you Use SCROG Method in Growing Ruderalis?

There are various forms of growing methods that are applied for the purpose of growth of the Cannabis Ruderalis. However, none of these methods require any special equipment or attention and the basic requirements remain the same for the purpose of growth of the Cannabis plants. The basic requirements range in the form of soil, light, supply of air and water, plant food and other nutrients. Similarly, the so-called SCROG methods i.e. the SCREEN OF GREEN METHOD are also applied in the growth of Cannabis Ruderalis. Therefore, it could be said that it is possible to grow Ruderalis by using the screen of green method. Some of the key elements of the screen of green method are as follows .

The screen of Green Method

This method is mainly applied by growers and breeders who desire to have larger yields of Cannabis Ruderalis but with a minimum time of harvesting. Unlike the other methods of growth, the screen of green method seems to be a little different. The duration of the vegetative phase of the plant in the screen of green method is less than that of the other ones and here breeders switch to fast flowering of the plants.

The screen

Interestingly, the screen of green method has a unique style and concept. The method is applied for the growth of Cannabis Ruderalis only after the plants have received sufficient training related to this method. The plants are trained by placing them under some sort of chicken wire mesh. Once these plants are placed under chicken wire mesh, the plants start to generate buds that grow in a vertical manner and stems which grow in a horizontal manner.

Multiple Colas

Application of such technique for marijuana growth i.e. Ruderalis growth ensures the formation of colas in multiple quantities to ensure higher amounts of yields for the Cannabis Ruderalis. Not only this, but it is also a common practice for the breeders or growers. Using this method to pinch the plants. This is normally done when the plants get their fourth or in some cases the fifth pair of the leaves. The whole process ensures that the plants which are formed are smaller in structure and has a bushy form. These plants also have stems with them once they are formed.

Therefore, based on the above-mentioned facts. It could be said that the screen of green method is applicable in growing Cannabis Ruderalis.

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