Characteristics of Cannabis Ruderalis that you will Like

Cannabis Ruderalis is one of the variants of the Cannabis family and is regarded to be the one with some of the most interesting features and characteristics. The Cannabis Ruderalis was first located by a Russian botanist in Russia. Additionally, Cannabis Ruderalis thrives well in countries like the Czech Republic and Poland. The Cannabis Ruderalis is considered to be a small plant structure-wise however with associated branches and stems. The foliage is considered to be open to the leaves and starts flowering at an early stage of growth of the plant. Some of the likeable characteristics of Cannabis Ruderalis are as follows.


The first thing that comes to mind about the Cannabis Ruderalis is the ability to autoflower. This makes the plant unique when compared to other variants of Cannabis. The flowering is dependent on the age factor rather than the photoperiod. The flowering phase of Cannabis stats relatively early and hence the overall growth processes of the plants are relatively shorter. Breeders and growers have increased attraction towards the Ruderalis because of its autoflowering ability. Breeders do not have to invest so much time for the growth process to be faster.

Multiple Harvests

Because of its autoflowering ability, Cannabis Ruderalis can grow twice in a year or can have many harvesting in a year. Ruderalis tend to grow at the beginning of the summer and also during the winter. Therefore, breeders tend to take advantage of such a phenomenon and induce double harvesting or multiple harvesting of Ruderalis in a year.

Low THC/High CBD

Another noticeable benefit of Cannabis Ruderalis is its medical applications. Ruderalis is a low content of the psychoactive compound THC. Hence, it is not preferable as a recreational drug. However, it has high contents of CBD. This assures that, Cannabis Ruderalis has therapeutic benefits and is mainly in use for the treatment of nausea, bipolar disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, concussions, muscle spams, etc.


Last but not the least; Cannabis Ruderalis can grow in harsh environments as well. They can withstand extreme climatic conditions and grow well. They can withstand high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures as well. Also, there are no special methods of germination or growth for the Cannabis Ruderalis. A proper and adequate supply of plant food and nutrients, air, water, light and the right choice of soil ensure the growth of healthy Cannabis Ruderalis strains.

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