Characteristics of Marijuana Ruderalis Strain

Some people are conclusively claiming that there is a huge difference between Indica and Sativa but it lies in the history of experimentation of crossbreeding between the two. As a result most of the strains today found are a hybrid type, the discussion continues with the labelling of the different strains but apart from these, is an uncommon and lesser-famous type of cannabis which is known as Cannabis ruderalis that are said to exist and it conveys several special characteristics which are described below.

  1. Characteristics from origin

It is a wild variety species of cannabis and it was found in Russia at first. The plant originated thousands of years ago from central Asia and was first classified in 1924 by the famous Russian Botanist Dr. D.E. Janischevsky. The botanist noticed that the species is somehow very different from other cannabis species like Indica or Sativa. Hence, he came to the conclusion that a third type of cannabis exists. This plant is rare and only came to existence as the people began to cultivate the crops and made them grow up.

A case study held in 2005 supports some evidence about Cannabis ruderalis classifying as a different species rather than an Indica or Sativa. As the characteristics found on it lies somewhat in between the genetic pools of Indica and Sativa plant species. Later the Botanists have concluded the species ss a hybrid type after their experiments and also finding out it was not a species of its own.

  1. The smallest type among the three

These Plants are very short in height and grow not more than two feet. The leaves are very smaller in size and also contains very less number of leaves when compared to the other species of cannabis and hence making it a special type. As the leaves are fewer and the plant size is short the Cannabis ruderalis plant produces a very small amount of THC which lowers its scope for use as a medical purpose.

  1. The Autoflowering capacity

The most advanced characteristic which makes it different from the other two strains is its autoflowering capacity. Instead of having a very short plant age and the photoperiod in which it has grown up. Most of the flowering plants are dependent on the climate and weather of their surroundings. Also, on the number of hours they receive the day-light in order for them to flower. The autoflowering trait can be defined as the ability of flowering irrespective of considering the weather and other plants condition.

  1. The fastest growth-cycle

Apart from the other characteristics, this is one of the most important features of Cannabis ruderalis strain. The ruderalis has a special type of ability to sustain in a short and cool summer climate. And is able to complete its life cycle in such a short period. As a result, it can harvest from seed to mature plant within 12 to 14 weeks normally. The seeds of Cannabis ruderalis can easily detach from it. Furthermore, they can survive on extreme weather conditions. Such as in frozen ground for a long period until the suitable conditions arrived. The seeds can also be able to secure their shells while any human or animal walked over them.

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