Common Beginners Mistake in Growing Ruderalis Weed

For beginners or first timers, growth of Cannabis Ruderalis might seem to be a difficult task. Sometimes people put too much attention to schedule of fertilizers, pH values, and the quality of soil and outputs of lumen. In doing so, they forget to stick to the basics. However, with time, people do gather the expertise and do not repeat mistakes. Some of the common mistakes made by beginners for the growth of Cannabis Ruderalis are as follows.

Trying to be cheap on genetics

Sometime people spend a lot of money on buying equipment but end up buying low quality seeds. The seeds which come for free is great however should not become the basis of Cannabis production. Various grades of superior forms of seeds are available now in the market which ensures better yields. Other than, sometimes people may also opt for clones.

Use of small containers

Irrespective of where the plant is grown, root space is still required. Once root bound, the plants stop growing. Therefore it is advisable to use larger containers with minimum 10 liters of space. However, best method is to plant the seeds straight into the soil when growth is outdoors.

Excessive pruning

Be careful to avoid over pruning of the plants as they might damage and kill them. After pruning, the plants are under stress and put a temporary halt to their vegetative phase trying to recover from the effects of pruning. So it is better to trim off the lowermost branches as they produce tiny buds. Avoid trimming during the flowering phase as it might have adverse effects on the plants.


Overwatering the plants might produce poor results as well. The too much soggy nature of the soil might weaken the plant. The type of soil used should be well drained with contents of perlite.

Early Harvesting

When resin starts appearing on top of the buds, it is still not time for harvesting. Early harvesting result into poor quality and quantity of yields which are not desirable by the breeders or the growers.

Excessive fertilization

Over fertilizing the plants have their own consequences. Adding more fertilizers does not necessarily mean more buds. It is therefore necessary to add the right amount of fertilizers. Therefore, it is always advisable to add 50% of the recommended amount just to be in the safe side ensuring proper growth.



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