Common Ruderalis Plants Problems

It is by default that any form of crop during their growth and maturation period does experience some form of problem or the other. Similar is the case with Cannabis Ruderalis. Although the process of breeding and growing Cannabis Ruderalis is not that complex, however; there are certain problems that the plants might face during the period if growth. These problems vary according to the way of growth i.e. problems are different for growth based on autoflowering and growth based on photoperiod. Some of the likely problems that the plants might have during growth are as follows.

Growth based on autoflowering

The most critical aspect of autoflowering growth is the vegetative phase. If any form was mistake was done by the breeder or the grower in the vegetative phase, it is very difficult to recover later as the plants do not give so much time to recover. Problems in the vegetative phase might result into the buds being harvesting early inspite of being airy and tiny. Therefore, the plants will generate lower yields which are not a good sign for the breeder. Sometimes problems are severe and the end result might be a stunted and small Ruderalis plant. Therefore it has to be kept in mind that Ruderalis will reward you greatly if you get your basics right in the beginning.

Growth based on photoperiod

One advantage the breeders get here is that they have time to recover from their mistakes especially when grown indoors. The transition from the vegetative to the flowering phase takes time and that is when the breeders capitalize. Therefore you still have the opportunity to recover from greater mistakes and yet be able to achieve higher yields from the Ruderalis strains when compared to the autoflowering strains if the Cannabis Ruderalis. However, with photoperiod based growth it is a little bit problematic when grown outdoors. If the seeds are not planted at the right time and also not according to the climate that would suit the seeds, then there are chances of some sort of problems. If you grow them outdoors based on photoperiod, it is advisable not to expose them to the dark of the night. This might have problems related to the flowering of the plants. It is better to use other forms of light for the purpose of growth of the Cannabis Ruderalis strains to ensure better growth.

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