Difference between Cannabis Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis

Cannabis sativa, indica and ruderalis are all kind of marijuana plants but there are many noticeable differences between these species and they have different uses and different growing method. These plants look different as well if compared very minutely and can be differentiate form there looks and size. Biologically they are different and that is why their uses, traits, taste, effects, outcome etc. are also different.Some very common and noticeable differences between these plants are:


Tallest of among all pf them, this plant can grow up to 25 ft. and it is only suitable for outdoor cultivation. These are mostly found in tropical countries. Because of the natural bigger stature this plant is slower in flowering and takes the longest time for harvesting. It also keep growing during the flowering. Although this plant gives higher yield and this is why this is probably the most popular cannabis plant.

Size: Up to 25 ft.

Flowering: Longest flowering time among all of the cannabis plant.

Cannabinoids: High in THC but low levels of CBD

Looks: Tall and thin, leaves are long and spindly.


Mostly found in sub-tropical countries and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. They are able to use the changing hour of the day and uses all the energy for flowering once they are in their ideal height. These plants flowers way faster than sativa and because of the nature they are smaller in size and very effective for the grower who wants to grow more plant in a limited space.

Size: Up to 6 ft.

Flowering: Lesser flowering time than sativa but more than ruderalis.

Cannabinoids: Higher in CBD and moderate level of THC.

Looks: They look short and wide, leaves are fan like in shape.


One of the most underrated, although very useful species of cannabis. It is mostly found in Eastern Europe and Russia. They are smallest in stature among its sister cannabis and they are most suitable for indoor growing. Although they are capable of growing in outdoors. These plants are fastest among all in flowering and harvesting because of its natural small growth and because of that a grower can grow this plant 4/5 times in a year. Most of the cannabis ruderalis are capable of harvesting within 10 weeks of seeding.

Size: Up to 2 ft.

Flowering: Autoflowering and fastest flowering among all other cannabis.

Cannabinoids: Very low THC and CBD in pure form.

Looks: More like a bush and leaves are small and thin.

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