Difference between Ruderalis Skunk & Ruderalis Indica

The following article is aimed at coining the basic difference between the two variants of the Cannabis Ruderalis family i.e. the Ruderalis Skunk and the Ruderalis Indica. Outlining the basic and major differences between these two traits will also help the end-users to gain a better understanding of the Ruderalis family. The difference between Ruderalis Skunk and the Ruderalis Indica is as follows.

Ruderalis Traits

The Ruderalis Skunk possesses the most powerful traits of the Cannabis Ruderalis family. The idea which led to the development of Cannabis Skunk is unique as well. The Skunk was developed as a hybrid by utilizing the autoflowering qualities of the Ruderalis together with the increased levels of yield and potency of the Skunk itself. The Ruderalis Indica is said to have the unique properties of the Ruderalis family especially the flowering properties when compared to the Skunk.


The Ruderalis Skunk mainly thrives in the northeastern parts of Europe and can withstand harsh climatic conditions and still germinate well. However, the Indica trait is more extensive in growth towards the eastern part of Europe and mainly in the wild environment.


The Ruderalis Indica considers to be beneficial for amateur breeders as well. The reason being, no need for special equipment for the growth of Indica other than the pots, soil or the plant food. However, the breeding of Ruderalis Skunk needs proper attention.

Hybrid Growth patterns

The Cannabis Ruderalis Skunk has an interesting pattern of growth. 50% of the total population of the Skunk does not autoflower while the other half does. The percentage of the population which does not have autoflowering capability. Are those that generally grow from the seeds and is dependent on the photoperiod. The process is almost similar in the case of Indica however with one major difference. The half percentage of the population that does not autoflower. In the case of Indica develops flowers mainly depending on the age factor.

Different Outcome & Growth Cycle

The breeding process of the two variants i.e. Skunk and the Indica are different as well. However seeds for both types are of the non-feminized type. The Ruderalis skunk develops a structure of a high plant whereas the Cannabis Ruderalis Indica has a more compact structure. The flowering periods of the Indica are between 40 – 50 days. Whereas for the Skunk it lies between 45 – 65 days approximately. However, both variants are capable of producing large yields.

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