Effects of Cannabis Ruderalis

The article is aimed at highlighting the overall effects of the Cannabis Ruderalis. Before that it is worthwhile to mention some of the properties of Cannabis Ruderalis so that the effects could be better understood. Cannabis Ruderalis are mainly found towards the South East part of Russia, Czech Republic and also Poland. The plant also has its presence in China and towards the Caucasus mountains.

Cannabis Ruderalis are considered to be small but rapid growing plant which typically has a height of around 90 cms. The leaves of the plants are relatively narrow with limited amounts of branches or side branches. The overall content of the main psychoactive component of Ruderalis is pretty low.

People sometimes wonder as to why Cannabis Ruderalis is grown. It is because the plants are capable of autoflowering. The plants have the capability to produce its own flowers irrespective of the amount of light that gets into it. Therefore the life cycle of the plant is more governed by the age not the light factor.

The autoflowering trait of the Ruderalis has been well utilized by the breeders and now they are a common appearance in the market. Some of the breeders have also done a unique thing by breeding Ruderalis Cannabis with other variants i.e. Sativa and the Indica. These hybrids prove to be useful in many means and have the capacity to retain the properties of both the variants. Hence it acts as a blessing for the outdoor breeders. Breeders can utilize the autoflowering and rapid growing tendencies of the plants to make double harvest in a particular season.

However, it has to be kept in mind that together with the size and the low psychoactive content of the Ruderalis, it makes no sense to use it as a recreational drug. Smokers will not like the effects that the Ruderalis will have in them. But at the same time, breeders put in more efforts to produce hybrid form of Ruderalis. Ruderalis also comes up in such a form where it carries the effects of Indica and Sativa at the same time. Interestingly, the autoflowering strains are not disturbed in spite of such cross breeding. Therefore, you can have Ruderalis with both the advantages at the same time i.e. the cross breeding and the overall content of THC/CBD. Cannabis Ruderalis is also used in medical science for their therapeutic benefits.


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