Growing Ruderalis Cannabis Indoors

Unlike other crops, Cannabis comes along with certain advantages. Breeders have the liberty to choose where they want to grow the plants – indoors or outdoors. Some of the breeders have increased fantasy about growing the Cannabis crops indoors as complete security and privacy are maintained. Growing the crop indoors also reduces the amount of formation of pests or insects.

However, the breeders have to decide certain types of seeds that will in the end into a healthy growth of the plants and also produce larger yields. Some of the seeds available for indoor growth of Cannabis might have a top off approximately 60 – 80 cms. The yields typically range from 400 – 450 grams/sq.meter. The ultimate product is said to have a sweet candy like taste upon formation. Also there are other variants which have a top of upto 70 cms. The yield could typically be around 200 – 250 grams/sq.meter.


The process of growing Cannabis Ruderalis indoors generally includes certain elements such as light, room temperature, and medium of growth, food, water and the availability of fresh air. The seeds are planted mostly 1 cms below the soil and placed very firmly. Some of the breeders have the habit of covering the plant by some means to prevent moisture and a temperature of around 20 – 25 degree Celsius is maintained. The type of soil suitable for growth of Cannabis is said to be the loose soil added with 25% perlite which provides proper aeration.

Proper care has to be taken so that Cannabis crops are not destroyed due to over watering. The breeders who desire to have larger yields of Cannabis make room for 6 weeks growth in the vegetative phase before proceeding to the flowering phase.

Indoor growth of Cannabis also requires artificial lighting with same properties as that of sunlight. A fluorescent blue color is preferred for this purpose. Sometimes colors belonging to the red spectrum are also used. They range between 250 – 800 watts and are placed 40 – 60 cms from the Cannabis plant.

Cannabis plants also require supply of air which could be in the form of gentle breeze from a fan. Breeders also use carbon filter systems in order to mitigate the aroma of crops. Sometimes ozone generators are also used to fight the odors. Breeders do have habit of using certain extra nutrients in order to achieve bigger yields of Cannabis.

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