Growing Ruderalis Indica Strain

The Ruderalis Indica is also another variant of the Cannabis Ruderalis family and ahs different traits when compared to Ruderalis Skunk. The Indica variant of the Ruderalis family is said to have the very unique and special flowering properties of the land race belonging to the Ruderalis family. They are said to be grown extensively in the wilder environments towards the Eastern parts of Europe.

The seeds belonging to the Indica plants are said to be the non feminized regular type. The overall structure of the Indica plant is said to be very compact. The approximate time for flowering of Indica variants are said to be 40 – 50 days with almost 90% yields of the Indica. The Ruderalis Indica has relatively low levels of THC content than other form of hybrids however with higher levels of CBD as common in the Ruderalis family. Hence it could be said that Indica version of Ruderalis will benefit the breeders especially for medical purposes.

People who are interested to grow marijuana indoors should ensure that the plants have sufficient supply of light. Lights belonging to the red or blue spectrum serve the purpose of marijuana growing but it is better to have light in fluorescent form ranging in power from 250 – 800 watts. For indoor growth supply of air could be in the form of breeze provided by a fan. Please make sure that you supply adequate water to the plants but do not overwater them.

Outdoor growing of marijuana also has the same requirements. It is advisable to plant them on pots so that they could be moved easily and exposed to sunlight for at least 4 – 6 hrs a day. The soil is better if it is fluffy and loose as perlite helps the plant growth. Preventive measures have to be made so that the plants are not attacked by pests or insects especially in the first 4 – 5 weeks.

However, breeding of the Indica variant has also been done from southern parts utilizing the special psychoactive compounds. This has resulted into some hardy form of plants with added qualities like very early hybrids being formed. The Indica has capability of provide good rewards to amateur breeders because it does not need the application of special equipments. Only soil, plant food and pots are enough. Therefore, these are some of essential factors for growth of Indica Ruderalis.



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