Growing Ruderalis Skunk

The Ruderalis Skunk is one of the variant of the Cannabis Ruderalis strain. It is grown in a similar manner as the original Cannabis Ruderalis itself. The essential conditions such as supply of air, water, plant food, nutrients have to be met. Breeders have to be careful about the fact, that, Ruderalis Skunk has a delicate vegetative phase. Hence the vegetative phase of the plant has to be cared about and no interruption should be done before the vegetative phase is over. The plant has an automatic transition to the flowering phase and this is when it starts to enter towards the germination phase.

Ruderalis Skunk is considered to be the most powerful variants or the descendants of the family of Cannabis Ruderalis. For the production of the Ruderalis Skunk, scientists and botanists have made an interesting combination. The capabilities of autoflowering of the Ruderalis have been used in conjunction with the Skunk’s dependable qualities of both yield and potency to develop the Skunk. The process has largely benefited the hybrid growers as they can now afford to grow certain plants outdoors even with shorter duration of the summer.

People are of the opinion that around, half of the Skunk i.e. 50% of the variants does autoflower. The other half of variants of Skunk are said to have grown from the seeds which reacts to the photoperiod. They almost get flowers at the same instance as the other strains Early Girl or the Early Skunk. Therefore, it has the additional advantage for the breeders to go for double harvesting for a particular breeding time or season.

The Ruderalis Skunk resembles a growth pattern similar to that of a Skunk. They have an overall height slightly more than that of the Indica. The autoflowering strains of the Ruderalis Skunk have an overall height of not more than 2 meters. The formations of Skunk variant flowers are fast and also strong with presences at almost all internodes and extending along stems or branches. It has to be kept in mind that, overall breeding of the Ruderalis Skunk has a reverse process when compared to the other variant i.e. the Ruderalis Indica. The hybrid form of the Skunk is believed to retain the qualities such as vigor, yield and potency of the entire family of the Skunk variants. It also is said to have inherited very unique property of flowering.




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