Hash Origins of Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is one of the variants of the Cannabis family, which identified in the year 1942. This was the first time; Ruderalis was discovered in the southern parts of Siberia. In addition to this, Ruderalis considered has large growth in the wild or dense parts of Russia.

Ruderalis Origins

The famous botanist from Russia known as Janischewski cab take credit with the origin of the species called the Cannabis Ruderalis. While working on Cannabis plants adjoining a river called the Volga, the Russian botanist realized the presence of a third species of Cannabis called the Ruderalis. In India, the hardy forms of Cannabis Ruderalis are believed to be found in the northern part of the Himalayas. It also has a presence in the then Soviet Union. The natures of Ruderalis growth in Russia considers to be of the weedy type. The extensive range of Ruderalis growth is also prevalent in Europe mainly in the central and eastern parts. Some of the countries worth mentioning in this matter are Estonia, Latvia, Belarus and also Lithuania.

Northern Regions

The Cannabis Ruderalis is also very much adaptable to the extreme nature of the northern climates. These types of climates are generally experienced by the Cannabis Ruderalis plants in various parts and areas of Northern Europe, some parts of Northern Russia and also in Canada. The above-mentioned regions have short growing seasons where they might come across some decent form of weather. However, the other variants of the Cannabis family cannot thrive or grow in these harsh climates.


Botanists throughout the world also believe that, Cannabis Ruderalis grows extensively in areas where hemp cultivation is present. One of the worth mentioning region growing hemp is the mid-western states of Northern America. Plants of Ruderalis are also growing in other places in Canada and the US. Large populations of Ruderalis plants are also located in parts of the wilder environments of central and Eastern Europe. However, the majority of the harsh origins of Cannabis Ruderalis are in Russia.


Towards Asia, people have claimed that certain parts of Central Asia have cultivations of Ruderalis strains. There has been other variant which is short and grows mainly in countries like Afghanistan. These are some of the so-called harsh origins of Ruderalis.

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