Hemp versus Cannabis Ruderalis – Comparison

Cannabis Ruderalis

The name Cannabis is coined to a trait of flowering plants that are grown mainly by Cannabis breeders. Cannabis is the scientific name given to those plants. However, it is worth mentioning that, Cannabis is a common term that connects marijuana and hemp as well. Both marijuana and hemp are produced from Cannabis. Cannabis mainly has three variants – Cannabis Ruderalis, Cannabis Indica & Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis Ruderalis are also known as the autoflowering plants as they have the special capability to flower irrespective of the light factor. These plants are normally little over 2 feet heightwise and the approximate time to mature is 7 weeks. The plants also have thin but slightly fibrous nature of stems. The plants also have some form of branching. The overall foliage is open in nature to the leaves. However, the Cannabis Ruderalis have the least content of the psychoactive compound i.e. THC but contain more CBD when compared to the other variants of Cannabis. Hence Cannabis Ruderalis are mainly used for medical purposes for its therapeutic benefits. The autoflowering property of the plant enables Ruderalis to be grown in harsh environments withstanding extreme temperatures yet germinate and mature fully.


The term Hemp is considered to be English terms which are mainly used for the low levels of THC content in the Cannabis Sativa. The hemp is used for different industrial causes and wide ranges of application viz.

  • Paints
  • Varnishes
  • Plastics
  • Textiles
  • Detergent
  • Food (Oil)
  • Paper
  • Fuel

Therefore it could be said that this plant has been in existence among the humans for a long time now. Because of its low content of THC, hemp is not used a recreational drug. Mainly hemp is produced or grown from the marijuana. Another advantage of hemp is that, it could be grown in different climatic conditions. The reason for low THC content in hemp is that most of the THC is formed in the resin glands of the buds and also on flowers of female plants thereby lacking the primary psychoactive component. Therefore, it could be said that, with so many industrial advantages efforts should be made to produce hemp more in near future.

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