History of Cannabis Ruderalis

The article aims at highlighting the history behind the plant called Cannabis Ruderalis. It is extremely important to have an idea about some products especially information about its origin. Similarly, it is worth having a look into the morphology behind the term Cannabis Ruderalis. People who are very much familiar with botany have an idea about the scientific names of different species ranging from plants to animals. However, people who do not take the help of botany very often are not sure about some of the scientific names of different plants. Similar is the case with medical marijuana. People who want to use medical marijuana for treatment purposes should be aware of the species as much as possible. People need to become aware of the history of medical marijuana i.e. Cannabis Ruderalis before they make large scale use of it for medicinal applications.

Medical history of Cannabis Ruderalis are as follows:


The initial identification of the plant Cannabis Ruderalis dates back in the year 1942. This was the first time; Ruderalis was discovered in the southern parts of Siberia. In addition to this, they say that Ruderalis has large growth in the wild or is dense in parts of Russia.


The famous botanist from Russia known as Janischewski can take the credit with the origin of the species, namely Cannabis Ruderalis. While working on Cannabis plants adjoining a river called the Volga, the Russian botanist realized the presence of a third species of Cannabis called the Ruderalis.

3rd species

The species mainly attracted the attention of the Russian botanist because of their different nature of growth pattern when compared to the other variants – Cannabis Indica& the Cannabis Sativa. These plants exhibited much shorter patterns of growth unlike the other variant called the Cannabis Sativa. Interestingly, these plants were also different from the Cannabis Indica which have far more intoxicating consequences than the Ruderalis. Hence, concluding that the third species of Cannabis also exists.


The term “Ruderalis” is from a Latin word “ruderal” meaning rubbles or even lump. Botanists from around the globe use this term to describe Cannabis Ruderalis. Botanists typically describe this as some form of a plant. To which are non-domesticated and hard i.e. in simple terms it could be called “weed”.

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