How often should you Water your Marijuana Plants?

The growth of any plant or crop depends on the successful application of the necessary physical requirements. Water is one of them. Like other plants, marijuana plants also require the supply of water every day. Without the supply of water, the marijuana plants won’t grow well. However, the amount of water needed also depends on certain other factors such as:

  • Size of the container
  • Size of the plant
  • Level of root
  • Canopy
  • Stage of growth
  • Room temperature
  • Humidity

The reasons are simple enough to understand as large plants would require more water than the smaller ones. However, containers which are large do not require excessive watering. If the outside temperatures are hot, watering becomes mandatory. The presence of high humidity in the atmosphere also calls for more watering for the marijuana plants.

During the summer, when the temperatures are very high, the soil tends to dry up and requires more watering. However, there are frequent problems related to drowning roots when it comes to marijuana plants. These problems are as due to the following factors:

  • The frequency of watering is too high
  • The holes that are meant for drainage could be clogged
  • The particles in the soil are too small to let water pass through them

For outdoor growth of marijuana plants, problems are related to the soil that have a greater percentage of clay. Problems occur mainly due to poor drainage. On the other hand, sandy soils are expected to drain too well.

There are problems related to underwatering of marijuana plants as well. The growth of the plant is not proper and starts wilting when the supply of water is not enough. However, do not supply water in an irregular manner and continue to supply water at regular intervals.

When the plants are suffering from lack of supply of water, they might develop an anaerobic condition. The roots are unable to use carbon dioxide but need the supply of oxygen at the same time. The potency of the roots decreases when such condition exists. Therefore, the roots become highly susceptible to the pathogens.

While growing marijuana in gardens, it is advisable to maintain a water temperature of around 22 – 23 degree C. However, if temperature of canopy increases then, the temperature of the water needs to be decreased in a proportionate manner.

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