How to Germinate Ruderalis Marijuana Seeds?

Like any other crop or plant, Cannabis Ruderalis also needs to be germinated to obtain the end products. The germination process of Cannabis Ruderalis is almost similar to that of any other plant. Some of the key features related to the germination of seeds of Cannabis Ruderalis area as follows:

The Cannabis Ruderalis plant has the capacity to autoflower. Most of the breeders around the world want to take advantage of the autoflowering Ruderalis to have higher yields. However, the focus needs to be given to the fact that higher quantities of Ruderalis strains need to be produced to have a substantial amount of Ruderalis crops. The procedures for forming a substantial amount of Ruderalis strains are likely to other plants and require no special strategies.

The most important aspect while growing Ruderalis marijuana is the need to buy the regular form of seeds and not the feminized ones. These seeds could either be males or females. However, larger quantities of both can be produced at 50:50. However, certain environmental factors are responsible for the proper maturation and germination of the Ruderalis strains.

The first important step is to spot the preflower which in turn will help the breeder to identify male and female plants. The age of autoflowering varies in different strains of the Ruderalis. It might need 4 weeks for the male to come up with their pollen sacs while on the other hand females might need 5 weeks to germinate. The process of forming seeds could be simple with the presence of one male plant pollinating all the females. However Cannabis breeders select the plants from their stature of growth and aroma so that the best form of marijuana is produced out of them.

When the flowering phase is reached, the requirement of the supply of nutrients will also change. The vegetative phase slows down at this time. Plants require less amount of supply of nitrogen but more phosphorus and potassium at this stage. The female starts producing kolas at the junction of branches. This is followed by the swelling of seed pods. Finally the flowers start to be ready for harvesting the pistils and will also become dark. The seed pods start swelling with the presence of resin and also the trichomes of THC.


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