How to Store Marijuana Seeds Correctly

For cultivating any kind of crop, certain procedures are to be maintained from the initial stage in which the collection of seeds is a vital one. A selection of a variety of seeds and its quality are to be chosen carefully. Very often it is found that even certified marijuana seeds procured from an authorized dealer are not viable and it seems to happen due to lack of proper care in preserving seeds. Therefore, seed producers should obtain adequate knowledge regarding the process of marijuana seed collection and preservation.

Refrigeration of seeds

The use of refrigerator for preserving seeds is preferable to the seed growers, in this process seeds to be kept in an airtight or vacuum-sealed container. It should be in proper food-grade desiccant satchel before storing it in the refrigerator. This process is very useful to avoid building up moisture in the container and seeds will remain for a prolonged period.

Use of freezer

Some seed growers have another opinion to preserve their seeds in the freezer. They also believed that freezer is the best way to maintain the viability of the marijuana seeds. It is also seen that the costing in this process is lesser than using the refrigerator.

Room temperature storage

Storage at room temperature in a dark and cool place is also a satisfactory system. In this process, the seeds to be stored at room temperature in an airtight or vacuum-sealed container so that seeds will stay good for a few years. At the same time, there are some demerits also found in this system of preservation. If proper timely care in this storage is not done, the ration of damage to marijuana seeds may increase. Even then many growers prefer this type of storing as they consider it easier than any other process.

Some basic tips in the storage of seed

  • Before sending it to storage the marijuana seeds to be dried properly, otherwise fungal infection may occur.
  • Vigorous quality seeds to be chosen so that after many years the seeds will remain viable enough.
  • It is to be remembered the ratio of temperature and humidity in the storage should be maintained rigidly to avoid any sort of damage or mishap.
  • Before the time of storage of marijuana seeds, containers and bags should be clearly labeled in its body with all relevant information about the strain and the grower as well.

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