Mature Marijuana Seeds versus Bad Seeds

It is always advisable to differentiate between the mature and better quality marijuana seeds and the bad ones. The reason is simple. No one will like to have low – quality yields produced due to low – quality seeds. According to experts, the quality of marijuana seeds can even be judged before sprouts come out of them. It is extremely important to learn recognizing the quality of seeds so that a set of bad seeds are not being purchased. Sometimes the seeds that are bought could be well processed and packaged.However, it does not mean that the handling of the seeds was up to the mark during the whole process.

Process to find the differences between mature and bad seeds

First and foremost is to ensure that marijuana seeds are bought from quality seed banks. Seeds bought from unreliable sources could turn out to be completely bad. Good seeds are those which have been allowed to stay inside a female plant for enough length of time, thereby maturing properly. Seeds which have been taken out in a hurry from female plants might not have matured properly.

The good quality seeds could be identified by their visual appearance also. Good quality seeds are generally dark brown in color and also consisting segments of darker and lighter stripes. On the other hand, a low – quality seed will either be white or green in color and is not likely to mature. Good quality seeds are also having a round and fat physical structure and are likely to yield large harvests.

Marijuana seeds are protected by thewhite-green cellulose sheath. These sheaths tend to fall apart once the seeds get matured. They are usually separated from the plant. This is done by locating them followed by a gentle nudge with the little finger thereby freeing them from the stem. However, for seeds which are not matured, the same sheath could be found but are white in color.

Sometimes it is also necessary to get opinions from the experts at various seed banks. Randomly purchased seeds could be examined by experts thereby judging the quality of the seeds. It is also important to have good quality seeds for every possible run of harvesting as bad quality seeds won’t produce sufficient yields i.e. if they produce any yield at all.

These are some of the basic methods of judging the quality of a marijuana seeds thereby ensuring proper growth.



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