Morphology of Cannabis Ruderalis

Although till date there is no proof of number of verities or species of cannabis, this article aims at highlighting the morphology behind the name Cannabis Ruderalis. It is a very unique and less popular verity of the cannabis and they are not as known as other varieties of cannabis such as sativas or indicas. It is a very wild verity of cannabies and they are generally very short in size. Even the leaves of this species is very less and very small in size in comparison with the other species of cannabis.

Cannabis is mainly considered to be a genus that comprises of plants that produce flowers.

The whole family of Cannabis has mainly three variants

  • Cannabis Ruderalis
  • Cannabis Sativa
  • Cannabis Indica

Cannabis mainly has its application in the following fields

  • Production of hemp oils
  • Medical purposes
  • Sometimes used a mode of recreational drug

However, production of Cannabis is not the easy as it has to comply with certain regulations. In this article, the morphology regarding Cannabis Ruderalis will only be discussed. The morphology is as follows –

The coining of the term “Ruderalis” is from a Latin word called the rudera meaning rubbles or even lump. Typically the Cannabis Ruderalis growth in size ranges from two ormore than 2 feet height wise. The plant is said to mature within a span of approximately 50 days i.e. 7 weeks to be precise. The plant called the Cannabis Ruderalis is composed of some form of little stem which is fibrous in nature and the also the stem is thin. The plant is also composed of some form of branching although the branching is not massive in nature. Overall the branching nature of the Cannabis Ruderalis is considered to be little in nature. The form of the foliage for these plants is open in nature. The leaves produced from the plants are also considered to be large in size.

The production of flowers for Ruderalis plants has an interesting pattern. The overall flower production process is dependent upon the age of the plant. It is independent of the so called light cycle of the plants. The process is vice versa for Sativa and Indica. Such nature of flowering is also called autoflowering. The presence of the main psychoactive component in Ruderalis is also less than other counterparts.

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