Myths and Facts of Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis is a species of Russian origin which is having unique herbal ingredients are being used for medicinal purpose. It grows short in length and matures very fast. Therefore, the manufacturers of medicine and the growers of the variety have taken initiative for rapid production as early as possible.


It was believed that Cannabis ruderalis had no medical benefits and could not be used for any such cause. The lower THC level of this species kept this from out of use for ages and has been ignored by growers. As in early stages medicines from this plant was manufactured in traditional way and there was no sophisticated technology, so it could not earn much appreciations from users.

From different print media and other sources it is also come to notice that some hypocrite manufacturer of herbal medicines and breeders have been manipulating the variety and began to cross with other available species for getting much more benefit and they released many kind of manipulated ruderalis in open market between 1981- 1986.


However, in spite of all these ugly attempts different scientific methods are also been taken to improve the quality of the variety as well as rapid growth to meet the demand of the market. Now, indoor germination of the plants creating artificial environment in small rooms became a popular system. By which fast growth and early flowering could be achieved.

Cannabis ruderalis can be easily identified in comparison with other available species like Indica and Sativa in its height. It is shortest among the three strains. Artificially adopting extreme northern climates in central Soviet Union by an automatic growing cycle and with a short summer period ruderalis plants rapidly germinate. Total period for flower and seed takes only just 10 weeks. Ruderalis plants are having more resistant power to protect insect and diseases. At present ruderalis is available in all over central and eastern Europe. In leaf appearance of cannabis ruderalis is more or less same with the cannabis Sativa, belonging to the narrow type of leaf.

The purchaser of marijuana for medical purpose are advised to check the species in their laboratory to identify the cannabis strain, whether collected materials are pure breeds or hybrids and to experiment their CBD and THC levels. Because, hybrids plants are produced by the growers keeping intension in their mind to combine the contents of the plants such as lower THC with higher CBN/CBD either higher THC with lower CBN/CBD. Not only that the hybrid verities are created for maintaining balance in genetic ratio of the main strains Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. Of course to achieve more consistent product the growers are using modern breeding techniques so that they can arrive in their desire destination.

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