New Marijuana Breeders should know about Ruderalis

It is extremely important for the breeders who are inexperienced and relatively new into breeding Cannabis Ruderalis to know certain facts before starting the breeding process. This will make sure that people or the new breeders avoid certain mistakes which might prove fatal to the growth of the plants especially during the flowering phase. The vegetative phase is also important for Ruderalis growth and often mistakes done at this stage cannot be corrected once you are onto the flowering phase as the plants do not give so much recovery time. Some of the essential factors that new marijuana breeders should know about Ruderalis are as follows.

First of all, the breeders should know the minute details of every strain because some of them might prove to be the best ones. Breeders should also understand the effects of all the strain and also should have the ability to create new ones by cross-breeding for better grades. That is because all the strains will have certain traits as a mixture from both the parent plants. These traits can be used to create new traits and produce better and unique results.

However, it needs to be borne in mind, that, there could be an innumerable number of combinations as a result of cross-breeding. However, it all depends on the breeders as to how to select them to serve the purpose.

Some of the factors that are important before breeding are as follows :

Patterns of growth – New breeders must understand how the structure of the plant would look like. It could be tall or short, short and bushy, tall and lanky, etc. Also they must understand the harvesting time and also yields.

Hardiness – This mainly concerns with how the plants grow. How solid is the resistance to molds or insects, resistance to harsh climates, etc?

Buds – The new breeders should know the color, smell, appearance, potency, effects when perceived, THC or levels of CBD.

These are some of the primary areas that the new breeders should focus on before starting to grow marijuana. Other areas also include them to understand the concept of autoflowering, the best times to grow marijuana, etc. Knowledge about some of the essential factors related to the growth of marijuana such as the supply of light, air, water and plant food is extremely important as well for breeders.


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