Other Uses of Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is one of the variants of the Cannabis family which has some useful applications in the modern-day world. Together with the added advantage of easy growth and autoflowering it is worth growing these variants of Cannabis and is an automatic choice for breeders around the world.

There have been some interesting applications of the Ruderalis in the past. In some parts of Russia and Mongolia Ruderalis acts as some form of folk medicine and is extremely useful in treating depression and anxiety. However, it is not worth using the Cannabis Ruderalis as a recreational drug as it does not have high contents of the psychoactive compound. Another interesting application involves the cross-breeding of Cannabis Ruderalis with strains of Bedrocan. The crossbreeding forms Bediol and is used for medical prescriptions. Above all the Cannabis Ruderalis have a low content of the main psychoactive compound called the THC which is beneficial for treatment as well. The high-level content of CBD in Cannabis Ruderalis makes them ideal to use as therapeutic drugs for their therapeutic benefits. Breeders normally grow Cannabis Ruderalis for medical treatment only.

Cannabis Ruderalis is also being recommended for treating neuropathic pain which normally is associated with nerves. Medical marijuana also has fewer chances of overdosage. Another effective means of using Ruderalis is to cure something called sclerosis. Painful muscle spasms caused by sclerosis could be cured by the application of medical Cannabis. Cannabis Ruderalis is also advised to people having nausea. They can increase the appetite for people suffering from cancer or AIDS.

Medical Cannabis serves well for the treatment of epilepsy. They can reduce seizures as well. Medicine is generally taken in the form of oil to treat epilepsy especially in children. Ruderalis Cannabis can cure a disease called concussions. Traumatic brain injuries are said to be curable with the application of medical marijuana. Medical Cannabis an also be used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The drug seems to cure the memory problems caused as a result of the above-mentioned disease. Medical cannabis can also be used for the treatment of bipolar disorders. The drug seems to help stabilize the brains of the people suffering from the disease.



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