Relationship between Ruderalis and Autoflowering Marijuana

The autoflowering marijuana can be defined as those traits that grow and transform the vegetative phase to the flowering phase automatically with age. Hence they are not dependent on the light factor. It is sometimes said that the autoflowering strains take approximately 10 weeks for harvesting from the seed. Some of the autoflowering strains can have short height but with a decent amount of yields. However, the other varieties such as super autos can grow as far as to 6 feet and the harvesting time for them could be as long as 100 days.

However, the origins of the autoflowering strains are always debated. Some of the traits of Cannabis Ruderalis from Mexico had the autoflowering ability and is said to be a cross between a Mexican sativa and a Russian Ruderalis. However, the detailed genetics behind creating the autoflowering strains are not shared in-depth by the breeders. However, it could be said that Cannabis Ruderalis is a variant of the autoflowering strains.

Some of the advantages of these type strains are as follows:

  • The overall life span is short or moderate and some of them grow from the seeds to the harvest time in about 13 weeks.
  • They could be kept for stealth growing.
  • The Cannabis Ruderalis takes a very short time to flower – approximately 2-3 weeks after germination.
  • The autoflowering strains do not have to have different environments for the vegetative and the flowering phase.
  • The production of seed is a simple process and normally one particular plant can produce a large number of seeds.
  • The plants could also be grown in the colder climates as their overall life span is not too long.
  • The Ruderalis strains are capable of coming up with many numbers of harvests for one particular season especially the ones growing outdoors.

However, some consider the autoflowering property of the plants not that superior especially when grown indoors. People can initiate flowering for plants indoors but it can change when exposed to light. People are also concerned about the overall carcinogenicity of the plants. People are also concerned about buying the genetics of the autoflowering strains as the wrong choice may end up with having plants which flower according to photoperiod.

These are some of the connections between autoflowering strains and Ruderalis together with the advantages and disadvantages.

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