Surprising Facts about Ruderalis Marijuana

The Ruderalis variety of Cannabis is indeed unique and do have some interesting traits and signs. The whole identification process of Ruderalis marijuana by a Russian botanist was pretty interesting and unique in itself. The Ruderalis trait was identified by the Russian botanist beside a river. The marijuana did not resemble the other variants such as Indica or Sativa and hence was given a different name. In addition to this, some of the other characteristics and features of the Ruderalis marijuana was no way near to the other Cannabis strains rather were unique and interesting.

First of all, growth of Cannabis Ruderalis is possible both indoors and outdoors. Hence breeders can choose their own convenient method. Both forms of growing Cannabis Ruderalis do not require any special techniques or processes. They can be grown with a healthy habitat by meeting certain simple conditions of supply of light, plant food, air and water. During, the initial stage of growth attention needs to be given to the fact that the plants are not being destroyed by pests or other insects. Keeping in mind the associated medical benefits, it is absolutely worth growing Cannabis Ruderalis.

Because of its autoflowering ability, Ruderalis can grow twice in a year or can have many harvesting in a year. Ruderalis tend to grow in the beginning of the summer and also during the winter. Therefore, breeders tend to take advantage of such phenomenon and induce double harvesting or multiple harvesting of Ruderalis in a year.

Cannabis Ruderalis can also be crossed with other variants such as the Cannabis Indica or the Cannabis Sativa to form newer products which might have high THC content. Another advantage of Cannabis Ruderalis is that overall period of maturing is quite low. It matures very quickly and starts flowering as well. However, it is advisable to separate male plants from female ones during germination as presence of males’ night pollinate the females leading to buds not being produced by the females.

Also a cross compound called Cannabis x intersita Sojak was also formed out of Indica and Ruderalis. Also, the Ruderalis variant could be cultivated to produce a particular strain of Cannabis which has overall a reduced growing period. Cross between Ruderalis and Indica and Sativa forms an autoflowering plant which matures in approximately 10 weeks time.

These are some of the surprising features of Cannabis Ruderalis.



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