THC and CBD Content of Ruderalis Marijuana

The family of Cannabis plants i.e. the Cannabis Ruderalis, Cannabis Sativa and the Cannabis Indica are sometimes classified in term of their overall content of chemical compounds such as THC and CBD. THC is mainly the primary psychoactive compounds that are present in the Cannabis plants and CBD is the compound which makes the Cannabis family viable for use in the medical applications.

THC in reality stands for the chemical compound known as Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol. These is the primary psychoactive compound present in marijuana and are highly responsible for the effects that people get after consuming marijuana with higher contents of THC. It is this compound that gets people stoned. The THC has many forms of cerebral effects associated with. They could be in the form of euphoria, energy, getting paranoid and nervous or feeling extremely happy about something. However, there are certain positive effects of THC from the medical point of view. THC also has anti – depressant qualities that are used to treat insomnia and also to relieve pain. The effects of THC could be used to induce relaxation in human minds and also stabilize the appetite. These effects are helpful for patients suffering from cancer or anorexia. It is said that properly matured buds of Cannabis may have 12 – 21 % of THC content. Ruderalis can also have THC content at very moderate levels to THC content of extremely higher levels.

CBD on the other hand is non psychoactive compounds which have opposite effects when compared to THC. Consumption of CBD will have increased effects of feeling happy, energetic and minimize the other effects of getting paranoid and nervous. In most of the family of Cannabis plants, the content of CBD is much lower than that of THC. The content is even lower in the Ruderalis family. Most of the family of Cannabis plants have content of less than 1% of CBD. In Ruderalis strain, CBD is more than THC and hence it is widely used for medical purposes because of the associated therapeutic effects of CBD.

In medical application, CBD has proved to be useful for treatment of muscle spasms, nausea, bipolar disorders and other diseases. It has also been found out that mixing contents of CBD and THC in certain strains have been extremely useful to inhibit the growth of Cancer cells in the human breast and brains.

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