The Mechanism of the Growth of an Auto-flowering Marijuana

The popularity of auto-flowering marijuana is getting wider day by day and with the introduction of new and improved breeding techniques, it is possible to create new and better strains. It is one of the rare types of cannabis as it has adopted the great quality to survive in cold weather with short summers. In the case of auto-flowering cannabis, it is possible to grow them within nine to ten months including germination to harvest in a relatively rough climate. Most of the auto-flowering cannabis today found is hybridized with other strains to make them potency in all respect.

What is auto-flowering?

Auto-flowering plants do not require any photoperiod to jump from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage automatically. It is not much dependent upon the surrounding weather, climate and number of hours of light they receive. The mechanism includes very simple steps in case of auto-flowering cannabis- first of all you need to collect the auto-flowering seeds whom you want to cultivate and follow the rules of growing auto-flowering cannabis at the outdoors.

       The auto-flowering plants are very useful to cultivate outdoors and the requirements are very simple to grow them outdoors. For that you just need to follow the simple steps as discussed below:

  • Arrangement of lots of light to the auto-flowering cannabis each day, generally it is very essential at least to provide five hours minimum light source to the auto-flowering plants and better if you can arrange more and more the light bigger will be the yields.
  • At least 2-3 months of warm and sunny weather is required for their growth. So when you are going to plant the seeds you must have to keep that in your mind that they will receive a minimum of 2-3 months of warm and sunny weather.

Normally the auto-flowering starts after 3-4 weeks from the time of plantation and the period strictly depends upon the type of strain you are using and you can’t make them start auto-flowering earlier as the name itself indicates the process. The auto-flowering cannabis will produce buds and they can be harvest after three months. When the seed has sprouted, generally there is a specific internal schedule that exists until the harvesting period, upon which the lighting process will not speed up or slow down the process. Just make sure that you have planted the seeds at the right time and choose your strain according to the climate and remember that if you are planting them indoor then you must need to provide them at least 14 hours or more light source, which is a must for their photosynthesis process. Just make sure that your auto-flowering cannabis is not in a dark place at night and let them keep away from any streetlight, spotlight or any other bright source which is harmful to auto-flowering cannabis especially at night.

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