Things not to Do When Growing Ruderalis Marijuana

Growing ruderalis marijuana is considered to be a very straightforward and less tiresome. Because of the auto-flowering capability of this plant, it requires lesser attention during the flowering stage and grows very fast because of its natural small stature. Moreover, these plants are highly resistant to insects and other diseases and are capable of growing in much adverse weather condition. These positive qualities make the growing of this plant an easier task and the growers are finding much more interests on these plants in recent time.

In spite of having so many positive facts about the growing of ruderalis marijuana, still you have to follow some certain guidelines and there are few things that you do not want to do when growing ruderalis marijuana and these are as follows:

Low-quality seeds

This is the part where you do not want to save money by using low-quality seeds. Remember, the quality of the plant lies on the genetics of this plant and thus choosing a low quality seeds will produce low-quality ruderalis cannabis.

Lack of proper nutrient

This another very important step that should not be done when growing ruderalis. Assuming that the soil you are using is perfect for your ruderalis plant is a big mistake. Use proper nutrient and this will help you to grow healthy and beautiful plants.

Too much lighting

Ruderalis cannabis is auto-flowering plants and they do not require any photoperiod for them to go from vegetative stage to flowering stage. But this does not mean that you should expose these plants on light for 24 hours. What it does is overkill the plant.


Overwatering is another thing that you do not want to do when growing ruderalis marijuana. Of course, water is the most important nutrient for the plants but it does not mean that overwatering does any good to them. On the contrary, it may damage the growing process. Ruderalis are very small plants and thus their roots are also very small and require less water.

Harvesting too early or too late

It is right that, most of the ruderalis plants are ready for harvesting within 10 weeks of seeding but, it does not mean that you will rush with the harvesting. Give the plants enough time to mature properly before harvesting.

It is also important not to harvest too late as ruderalis are capable of harvesting way earlier than other cannabis like Sativa and Indica.

Talking with other

Like any other marijuana, do not talk with others about the growing of this plant as this may cause a lot of problems regarding the laws of marijuana cultivation.

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