Tips in Growing Ruderalis Strains

The growth of Cannabis Ruderalis is not a complex process provided some of the key elements are requirements that are taken care of. Cannabis Ruderalis can thrive in most of the difficult conditions yet produce higher yields with better quality. Breeders do not have to do anything special in the harvesting time of the Ruderalis strains. However, like other crops and plants, there are certain essential factors such as light, plant food, air, a medium of growth that needs to be supplied. Some of the general tips for growing the Cannabis Ruderalis plants and producing better yields are as follows.

It is advisable to start the growth in spring

According to the life cycle of the plant, Cannabis is expected to grow tall during spring and the starting of summer. Once summer passes away, female plants put more energy towards producing seeds.

The right spot for growing

The Cannabis strains have to be exposed to the direct form of sunlight for at least 4 – 6 hours per day. The spot for growing should be hidden well and provide water during extreme summer. It is advisable to put the plants in pots so that they have mobility. Try and avoid putting them between leafy plants as it is difficult to segregate later.

Germination of seeds

After starting to grow the plants in spring, try germinating them twice. This is because the seeds will germinate in the second attempt a few of them in the first attempt could be male plants. Take proper care so that they are not consumed by snails or other creatures especially in the first 4 weeks.

Place plants outside

After this you might consider putting the plants outside in pots. If the temperature goes below 0 degrees C please put them inside to avoid harsh effects. Place them in fluffy and light soil if possible and provide enough food for their good growth.

Let them grow

Now leave plants on their own for growing. Provide adequate water and food to the plants. Expose them to sunlight and also provide fertilizer to the plants.

Segregate Male plants

During the growth, the period tries to remove male plants as they do not produce buds and possess the risk of pollinating the flowers.

Harvest plants

The plants are ready for harvesting between 3 – 5 months. Check for stigmas of buds to become brown and harvest fruits from your hard work.




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