Top Cannabis Ruderalis Strains

It has been said that there were a lot of difference between all the species of cannabis and ruderalis is the weakest among them for the lack of use and potentiality but the truth lies in the history of experimenting crossbreeding between them and as a result, most of the strains today found are of hybrid type. Unlike the two species cannabis indica and cannabis sativa, ruderalis contains very less potent psychoactive properties and for that main reason ruderalis has been vastly ignored as compared to the other two.

Due to some of its very effective properties like scope for multi harvesting in a year, the short height and auto-flowering ability, ease of cultivation and resistant capacity the ruderalis getting famous day by day as a hybrid type which carries both the properties of cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. So here are some of the top cannabis ruderalis strains:


It is a hybrid strain, which is a dwarf plant and grows no more than 16 inches tall. This is cross species of cannabis ruderalis Northern Lights and then William’s Wonder. It has a lot of medicinal uses and the effect of this plant is slow but very effective. You will be able to harvest this plant within 40-45 days of seeding. It is a stalwart plant and is capable of growing and surviving in harsh and adverse weather conditions. It has a mild earthy aroma.

Easy Ryder

It is also another auto-flowering species of hybrid cannabis and is produced from crossing between the Low Ryder and an automatic AK47. It matures fully in 70-75 days of germination and has a harvesting time of 9 weeks from seed. It gives a very good yield and gives a nice fruity aroma.

Fast Haze

It is another very useful and popular stain. It is also an auto-flowering species and a cross between Low Ryder and quick flowering Dutch Haze. This plant is ready for harvesting in 75-80 days of seeding. It grows to a maximum height of 3 ft. and is excellent for indoor cultivation. It has a lovely fresh aroma with a sweet and quite a hazy flavor.

The above-mentioned stains are the top ruderalis strains but there are few more very useful strains are also in existence, such as:

  • Speed Ryder
  • White Express
  • Low diesel
  • Quick fruit


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