Top Cannabis Strains with Ruderalis Genes

As cannabis ruderalis were not in use for a long time and avoided for many years due to the lack of potentiality as recreational marijuana, so the growers have come up with many cross-breeds with ruderalis to get the benefits out of it. Although ruderalis has not much use as smoke, it has many potential uses as a medicine and has many effective chemical compounds. So, the strains with ruderalis genes became a useful choice or alternative for many growers due to the mixed genetics and effectiveness.

The main characteristics of ruderalis are its auto-flowering capacity and the very short growing time. The size of this plant is also very small and thus it is desired by many growers for stealth growing. The strains with ruderalis genes provide auto-flowering capacity with multiple harvesting possibilities in a year and become resistant to insects and many diseases. In addition to that the strains have a high level of THC which then can be used as a recreational plant. Here are some top cannabis strains with ruderalis genes.

Four-way special

It is a crossbreed between Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis and Skunk. It is a short plant and has a very well-balanced taste and effect. The flowering time of this plant is between 7-9 weeks and has a very good yield. Because of the ruderalis gene it is resistant to most diseases and grows very small.

Low-Ryder Mint

It is a cross between Matanuska Mint and Ruderalis and is fully auto-flowering. It has a very strong THC level of 17-23% and it has a very strong mint taste. It grows fully in 9 weeks and has a better yield than the original LowRyder.


It is a hybrid strain between cannabis ruderalis Northern Lights and then William’s Wonder. It is a dwarf plant and very good medical uses. It can harvest within 40-45 days of seeding. Because of the ruderalis gene, this plant is capable of surviving in the hardest of weather and is very resistant to insects and diseases. It has a mild earthy aroma.

Easy Ryder

An auto-flowering and hybrid species of cannabis and is produced by crossing the Low Ryder and an automatic AK47. It matures fully in 70-75 days of germination and has a harvesting time of 9 weeks from seed. It gives a very good yield and gives a nice fruity aroma.


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