Top Chemical Compounds of Ruderalis Plants

Marijuana-related to a wide range of variety of groups or strains, as sometimes you may hear them of either indica, sativa or a hybrid type. Most of the people are busy claiming that there is a huge difference exist between indica and sativa but the truth lies in the history of experimenting crossbreeding between them and as a result most of the strains today found are of the hybrid type. But now with the availability of hybrid type component ruderalis which contains both the characteristics of Indica and Sativa and hence giving it the advantage of both auto-flowering and a high THC/CBD content which offers breeders a lot of new opportunities. So these ruderalis plant contains some top chemical compounds in its composition.

Generally in medical marijuana there are 400 different types of chemical compounds out of which only 80 of them are present in a cannabis plant. These 80 compounds are being named as Cannabinoids, which get attached to the breeders’ receptors of brain and spine when breeders used them to inhale and hence inducing the effect of a cannabis plant. The top five cannabinoids which help cannabis ruderalis being used in a medical purpose are THC, CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG. Each of them contains different compositions and characteristics which help them to use in different specific conditions to achieve a suitable output from them. Now let’s take a small look at the above described five different cannabinoids.

  • THC: It stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and it is the most famous cannabinoids that generally found in a typical cannabis ruderalis plant and is also very effective as a mental stimulant and also acts as a muscle relaxant.
  • CBD: It is the most prominent type and carries the sedative effect of a typical cannabis plant. CBD mainly cancels out the psychoactive effects caused by high THC content and also reduces the pain and anxiety.
  • CBN: CBN is nothing but breakdown result of THC within the plant and hence making it stronger with high percentage THC strain. It is used as an analgesic and reduces pain.
  • CBC: CBC stands for cannabichromene and is also a component with high percentage THC contains and generally used together With THC as a pain killer and anti-inflammatory.
  • CBG: CBG stands for cannabigerol and it impacts only physical effect on the user instead of any psychoactive effect and is also generally not found in a significant amount in medical marijuana as compared to the previous four’s.

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