Total Grow Time of Cannabis Ruderalis

The article is aimed towards the total growth time needed for Cannabis Ruderalis. It is very difficult to estimate the actual number of the days required for growth of Cannabis. The growth of Cannabis dependant on many phases and the duration of these phases might be adjusted according to needs. However some of the approximate projections related to the growth of Cannabis Ruderalis phase wise are as follows.

Preparation before starting of growth

To get hold on to the equipment might take 2 weeks time. This time is given for the delivery of the purchased equipment and placing them in the growing area. The entire process might take even a day depending on the whole process. To get the seeds or the clones might take another 0 – 4 weeks. If you have the quick access to the seeds it might take less time however; with seeds ordered from seed banks it usually takes 2 – 4 weeks time.

Time required for growth from seeding to harvesting

The process of germinating the marijuana seeds can take 1 – 5 day’s time. Seedlings sometime sprout in time little less than 1 day or even it might take little longer. However, vegetative phase may range between 2 weeks – 2 months time. This is dependent on breeders as to how long he wants the vegetative phase to last before the flowering phase sets in. People usually recommend around 3 weeks of vegetative phase with supply of light for at least 18 hrs per day.

Time required for flowering phase

The time required in the flowering phase may lie between 6 weeks – 4 months. However, the time required might depend a lot in types of strain. They tend to stretch from flowers before starting to flatten. However for short periods of flowering phase it might be 6 – 8 weeks, for middle periods of flowering between 8 – 12 weeks and for longer periods it could be 12 – 14+ weeks’ time.

Post harvest duration

Post harvest phase essentially comprises of drying and curing. Normally, drying time for Cannabis might bet 3 – 10 days. However, plants need to dry thoroughly before drying phase get over.

The curing phase may last from 2 weeks – 1 month. This period is given to get rid of harsh smell of plants.

Therefore average time required could be between 3 – 4 months for total growth process of Cannabis Ruderalis.

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