Understanding How Ruderalis Grow

Breeders and growers need to understand the concept of growth for a particular type of plant or crop before actually starting to grow them. Improper understanding related to the growth of any form of the plant leads to hazardous mistakes thereby resulting in irregular and lesser yields from them. It is very important for any breeder or grower related to any sort of plantations to get the basics right otherwise they might face a lot of problems as the growing phase of the plants proceed further on. Similar is the case with Cannabis Ruderalis.

Some of the critical understandings related to the growth of Cannabis Ruderalis are as follows:

People who are interested to grow marijuana indoors should ensure that plants have sufficient supply of light. The process of growing Cannabis Ruderalis indoors generally includes certain elements such as light, room temperature, and medium of growth, food, water and availability of fresh air. The seeds are planted mostly 1 cm below the soil and placed very firmly. Some of the breeders have the habit of covering the plant by some means to prevent moisture and a temperature of around 20 – 25 degrees Celsius is maintained. The type of soil suitable for the growth of Cannabis is said to be loose soil added with 25% perlite which provides proper aeration.

Fluorescent blue color is preferred for this purpose. Sometimes colors belonging to the red spectrum are also used. They range between 250 – 800 watts and are placed 40 – 60 cms from the Cannabis plant. Proper care has to be taken so that Cannabis crops are not destroyed due to overwatering. The breeders who desire to have larger yields of Cannabis make room for 6 weeks of growth in the vegetative phase before proceeding to the flowering phase.

There are certain requirements for the growth of marijuana outdoors. First of all, the plant grows better outdoors exposed to sunlight for at least 4 – 6 hrs a day. Preventive measures have to be made so that the plants are not attacked by pests or insects especially in the first 4 – 5 weeks. It is always advisable for breeders to grow Cannabis outdoors to do not decrease the duration of the vegetative phase of the plants. Water should be supplied to the plants at regular intervals. However, one has to be careful from overwatering them as it might damage the plants.



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