What is Cannabis Ruderalis?

Cannabis ruderalis is a forgotten member of the cannabis family which lacks in psychoactive properties and is a wild variety of cannabis and believed to be originated from Russia. This plant is easy to recognize from its looks and has some unique qualities.


It was first classified by the Russian botanist D.E. Janischevsky on 1924. It came to his notice when he saw these wild plants and their different characteristics than other traditional cannabis plants and then he concluded that it is the third species of the cannabis family. The name ruderalis came from the word ‘ruderal’ which means a non-domesticated plant or sometimes a weed by the botanists.


There are few different pieces of evidence which support different stories about the genetics of ruderalis. In a study, the researchers could found a little evidence about the uniqueness of this plant and suggested it as a separate cannabis species. On the other hand, gene pools of ruderalis cannabis seem to lie between the gene pools of Sativa and Indica, which suggests that ruderalis is actually a hybrid plant.


Cannabis ruderalis are shortest among all the cannabis species. It grows to a maximum height of 2 ft. the leaves of this plant are smaller and lesser in number than other marijuana plants.


Cannabis ruderalis has many unique characteristics and it is very easy to identify. Few very interesting and important characteristic of this plants are given below:

  • Ruderalis has a unique capability of Auto-flowering thus, they do not require any photoperiod for them to go from vegetative stage to flowering stage. Because of this characteristic, this plant does not need any special attention during flowering and is very cost effective and useful for growers.
  • Ruderalis has one of the fastest growing time as most of the ruderalis are ready for harvesting within 10 weeks of seeding. It makes them very useful for growers and are capable of producing better yield due to this characteristic.
  • Ruderalis cannabis is very resistant to insects and other diseases, which makes this plant very cost effective. These plants are capable of growing in any adverse weather condition and are highly capable of growing indoor.

Chemical compounds and medical uses

Cannabis ruderalis has very low level of THC and thus it has not much use as a recreational cannabis. Although, this plant has a fair amount of CBD in it and because of that it has some good medical uses. This plant is now being used for many medicines and to cure many diseases like Cancer, Nausea, loss of appetite from HIV, Sclerosis in multiple forms, Disorder relating seizure, Crohn’s diseases etc.




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