What to Avoid in Growing Ruderalis Strains

what to avoid in growing ruderalis strains
Growing ruderalis strains need a lot of discipline and dedication. A lot of growers lose their way in a few days and they cannot find the reason for not been successful in growing ruderalis strains. Some many steps or mistakes have to be avoided by every grower to become successful in this job and business. Similar to other marijuana plants, cannabis ruderalis has also some common and unique growing methods and those have to be remembered during cultivation to avoid any kind of problem.

Things that you should avoid in growing ruderalis strains

Too much lighting

It is a very important thing to remember about the ruderalis strain is that these are auto-flowering plants which mean that they do not need any photoperiod to go through the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. But this does not mean that you should expose these plants on light for 24 hours. What it does is overkill the plant.

Cheap seeds

To save some amount of money you should not opt for cheap seeds. Remember that the quality of the product will depend upon its genetic characteristics. You also chose carefully the super-autos or regular-autos seeds depending upon your requirements.

Lack of proper nutrient

Assuming that the soil you are using is perfect for your ruderalis plant is a big mistake. Use proper nutrient and this will help you to grow healthy and beautiful plants.


For any kind of cannabis plant, especially for ruderalis cannabis, overwatering is a big mistake. Remember that the ruderalis is very small in size and their growth is also limited in root as well. So they do not need as much water as an indica or sativa will need. So limit the watering to 2 times a day.

Harvesting too early or too late

Although, ruderalis is very fast-growing and most of them are ready for harvest within 10 weeks of seeding but it is very important to let them grow properly before you harvest if you want better quality and quantity. On the other hand do not wait too long for harvesting and do not compare ruderalis with other cannabis plants as they harvest way before then other plants.

If you avoid these above-mentioned mistakes, then it is possible to grow better quality and quantity of ruderalis strains.


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