What you want to know about Growing Ruderalis

Ruderalis cannabis is much understated plant of this kind and there was not many ruderalis grower or not much education about growing ruderalis. Like other cannabis growing ruderalis also needs a lot of education, understanding, time and effort. Once you know all the procedures and the steps properly then growing ruderalis become very profitable and it is worth your time and money.

Key points to know:

  • Unlike other cannabis plants like indica, sativa etc. the ruderalis have a very special characteristic like autoflowering, which is very important to know while cultivating this plant. This autoflowering stage helps the plant to go from vegetative stage to flowering stage automatically and it does not need any photoperiod. And because of that they does not need darkness and anything around 18/6 regime is more than enough for this autoflowering stage. Although some believes that as it does not need darkness, it does not mean that 24/0 regime is needed and that may overkill the plant. So you can save some electricity by reducing the lighting.

Although, you should remember that all the ruderalis are not fully stable and some may take a little longer time to harvest. So keep a great look on the harvesting time of your plant and try not to be too early with harvesting or too late.

  • There are loads of possibilities of outdoor growing of this plant if you are living in a mild to warm outdoor environment. So you can plan according to this if you are planning to grow ruderalis in a huge quantity.
  • These plants can be grown even in freezing condition and as they take very short time to harvest so if you plan properly you can even harvest 4/5 times a year which in return will give you great yield.
  • They are very short in stature and most of them grows till around 50-55 cm and thus it helps you to do a stealth growing.
  • There are different verity of auto flowering ruderalis and thus you have to choose the seeds properly. There are super-autos and regular-autos and super-autos grow a lot taller than regular autos. So if you are looking for a stealth growing and want to hide your cultivation then you should look for the regular autos.
  • Ruderalis cannabis have a high resistance against diseases and insects and needs lesser care than the other species of cannabis.
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