Why Grow from Cannabis Seeds and Not from Clones?

Cannabis Ruderalis could be grown from either seeds or clones.

Growth from clones

  • Growths of Cannabis from clones involves a method of cutting an already matured plant followed by planting and raising them to develop buds. However, this method might turn out to be difficult.
  • As clone represents exactly the same genetic image of the mother plant, therefore the newly grown plant may have the same disease as the mother plant. Sometimes people may not have the experience to deal with such diseases and hence may die.
  • A newly cloned plant requires a lot of tender care. The growths of such plants need the supply of water or other factors in specific quantities. Sometimes people might not have the experience to deal with cloned plants; hence it might prove to be a disaster.
  • To locate a matured cloned plant is another daunting task. A well grown and matured mother plant needs to be identified together with permission and rights of cutting.
  • However, you cannot predict whether the final product that you will be getting from cloned plants will be upto the mark.
  • Purchasing clones online is a bigger risk. Even if you purchase them online, transit process can make the condition of the clones poor and traumatic.
  • Sometimes plants which are sold for a commercial purpose are treated with insecticides or pesticides. Hence, a clone from such a plant will have same chemicals in them.
  • Arguably, the only benefit you might get out of a cloned plant is that it is already developed and you can hope to have a yield much faster and sooner.
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Growth from seeds

  • Growth of Cannabis from seeds is much easier, especially for beginners.
  • You can buy seeds from seed banks, where already tested seeds in terms of quality are available.
  • You already know what variety of Cannabis you will get when you a buy a particular strain.
  • Growths of Cannabis from seeds are a natural process and are always better.
  • Marijuana plants are not genetically engineered to have a longer life and flowering phase.
  • Seeds are exposed for longer periods to light and hence broom faster.
  • Plants grown from seeds have a heart structure of root and hence stronger ground support.

These are reasons breeders prefer to grow marijuana from seeds rather than clones.

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