Why Most People Don’t Like Growing Cannabis Ruderalis?

growing cannabis ruderalis
Some of the breeders or growers Cannabis Ruderalis seem to be in love with this plant. They enjoy growing the Cannabis Ruderalis because the plant has a short life span and breeders can afford to have multiple harvests of the plant for a particular season. People also enjoy growing Ruderalis because the requirements for growth are pretty simple and do not involve special methods or equipment. On the contrary, some of the breeders feel otherwise. They tend not to prefer to grow the Cannabis Ruderalis.

These are the possible reasons why people don’t like growing cannabis ruderalis:

  • One of the primary reasons that come to mind for not preferring to grow Cannabis Ruderalis is the overall low content of the main psychoactive compound i.e. the THC. Less presence of THC makes sure that Cannabis could not be used as a recreational drug and for other purposes. The Cannabis Ruderalis has high contents of CBD which makes them good for use as therapeutic drugs. Other than medical purposes, the application of Cannabis Ruderalis becomes somewhat limited and that may be the reason breeders do not like growing the plant.
  • Another reason for not preferring to grow Cannabis Ruderalis could be the delicate vegetative phase of the plant. Normally breeders do not interrupt the vegetative phase of Cannabis Ruderalis and allow time for transition to the flowering phase. However, the vegetative phase is very important. Any form of mistakes done during this phase might prove to be costly and do not allow much time for the plants to recover from these mistakes once flowering starts. Mistakes did during the vegetative phase result in the crops being damaged and will not produce good quality yields. Therefore, all the effort put in goes in vain.

However, some consider the autoflowering property of the plants not that superior especially when grown indoors. People are also concerned about buying the genetics of the auto-flowering strains as the wrong choice may end up with having plants which flower according to photoperiod. People can initiate flowering for plants indoors but it can change when exposed to light. People are also concerned about the overall carcinogenicity of the plants.

These are some of the reasons that come to mind for breeders or people not to choose Cannabis Ruderalis variants or strains for growing.


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